Welcome to Pa Ni Be I Hear, I see!


PaNiBe I hear, I see is a wonderful way to enjoy music and music making all the way!

PaNiBe I hear, I see is a new relative system that can be used by anyone to teach and learn music. PaNiBe I hear, I see is based on research and pedagogies concerning music learning and teaching from the sound to its representation- ‘Sound to Symbol’- or from what you hear to what you see and the other way around!

PaNiBe, I hear, I see’ introduces to the world a new aural-based relative system for music teaching and learning music developed by Raquel López, currently being tested for more than two years in schools and music studios in The Nehterlands. ‘PaNiBe, I hear, I see’ makes music learning easy and fun!

Be part of our musical venture!

Musical greetings,

Raquel López

IMG_8988 - Version 3

Contact Raquel at: panibemusic@gmail.com