And the testing period was a success!

The testing period of PaNiBe at CBS De Fontein has successfully come to a closure.

The children have showed all they have learned and it is beautiful to see how much they do love music and making music with each other. I am very proud of them!

I have been busy already with the next step which is developing learning material so that many children from all around the world can benefit from learning music from ‘Sound to Symbol’ in a fun and pedagogically appropriate way.

Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

I am posting this mini-report video showing the development and activities we did in class at the hand of our welkom song: ‘Welkom Iedereen’. We worked in this way with many other songs and rhymes during our three years together. And…We also danced!

This experience has been most enriching for all of us. The children LOVED the testing materials and that inspires me to keep on the good work.

Thank you dear children and thank you to the Christian School De Fontein!


Welcome to Pa Ni Be I Hear, I see!


PaNiBe I hear, I see is a wonderful way to enjoy music and music making all the way!

PaNiBe I hear, I see is a new relative system that can be used by anyone to teach and learn music. PaNiBe I hear, I see is based on research and pedagogies concerning music learning and teaching from the sound to its representation- ‘Sound to Symbol’- or from what you hear to what you see and the other way around!

PaNiBe, I hear, I see’ introduces to the world a new aural-based relative system for music teaching and learning music developed by Raquel López, currently being tested for more than two years in schools and music studios in The Nehterlands. ‘PaNiBe, I hear, I see’ makes music learning easy and fun!

Be part of our musical venture!

Musical greetings,

Raquel López

IMG_8988 - Version 3

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